Make or Break

Break it or make it.  Break it.  Make it.  Break us.  Break me.  Break you.  Break the spell.  Take a break.  A clean break.  Break to pieces.  Make a choice.  Make sure.  Make up.  Make do.  Make ends meet.  Make love to salvage whatever remains, to bring back what made that which broke.  Make believe.  Break new ground.  Make up minds.  Make a family.  Make it possible.  Make babies.  Break babies.  Break the news.  Break hearts.  Break plans.  Break.  Let all hell break loose.  Break glass, break promises, break trust.  Make it harder.  Break in.  Break open.  Make amends.  Break bread.  Make effort.  Make a difference.  Make it better.  Break the ice.  Make out.  Make it real.  Make it last.  Break habits.  Make sense.  Make room.  Make mistakes.  Break up.  Break free.  Make it all disappear.  Break away.  Break out.  Make-up.  Break down.  Break through.


I have been told.  Warned.  How much pain can one withstand?  How much hurt can love endure?  I see the threads of this web spread out, thin, across invisible planes of existence.  It is a threshold of sorts; an initiation.  I’m swimming from depths of the oceanic floors, to raise above the skies, the clouds, concealing the radiant glow beyond.  A journey into the ether.  I thought we made it through the worst.  I thought the waters were receding.  I thought if I only held my breath long enough… but now, I’m growing gills.  Evolving.  To wings.  Fly with me, in search of what’s been lost.  Hold my hand as I stumble through the darkness, of mind, of spirit.  Break through the surface, spiraling upwards.   Make it last forever.


One thought on “Make or Break

  1.     Ania, as always, you seem to touch and bring me home through your words. I was speaking with friends earlier today about change and how we felt so slow or the need to rise to new levels because of the amazing need and challenges now facing us. I suggested the image of a cocoon or a chrysalis and that the crawling pace of the inchworm and caterpillar, might even have to be stilled and accept a state of listening, internal navigation and transformation until conditions are right for breaking through, to the new you. We also spoke about choosing to envision and nourish positive possibilities; nurturing them into  ways of clothing ourselves with new habits that we can then fully inhabit and fly. Many of us are feeling that it is time, the begining is not just near it is here (!) and the world is ready for each of us to spread our nascent wings and rise to our higher callings.  
    You are an angelic influence. 

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